Medical Credentialing

Madrelle’s Credentialing team will help you save time and resources when you hire us for your credentialing needs. We specialize in Medicare, Medicaid and all Commercial Payer providers, contracting, and enrollment. We give medical providers and their staff the freedom to care for patients by saving them the time it takes to complete paperwork. Madrelle has the experience you need in processing the payer’s application by paper, and electronically. Madrelle also provide timely follow up and status updates, all for a one-time fee. Call us today for more information!


• Initial Credentialing
• Recredentialing
• Payer contracting
• Payer enrollment
• Contract Reimbursement Negotiations / Renegotiations
• Medicare, Medicaid, and all commercial payers
• Workers Compensation Certified Network Enrollment
• Remove or add providers from your office
• Complete, and submit medical credentialing applications
• Obtain your NPI
• Add new provider to a group NPI
• New and Update CAQH profile
• Updating Physician Documents (DEA, Malpractice Ins., DPS, State License, etc.)
• Hospital Privilege, Initial Applications, Recredentialing or Temporary Privileges

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