Consulting Services

Do you have an existing or a new practice? Madrelle can help you put a structure in place to help your practice become more efficient.

The Medical field is forever evolving, which can make it challenging to run your Practice and care for your patients. With Madrelle on your side, together we can overcome your administrative challenges. We have a simple way to get your practice off the ground. To learn more about the services listed below, call Madrelle today.

• Practice Management
• Training and education for all your staff
• Training to establish best practices
• Structure for processes & work flows
• Modern technology to simplify workflow
• Developing forms, letters, and applications
• Review of forms, letters and applications
• Setting up Policies & Procedures
• Review of Policies & Procedures
• Overview of sources used for the insurance verification process
• Recommendations for improvement
• Analyze fee & coding structure

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